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It’s time to submit QUOTES for the Yearbook!

*Note* ALLĀ appropriate SENIOR quotes will be printed alongside Senior portraits in the Yearbook. Quotes from other grade levels will be included as space permits.

Quotes are due Friday, January 15, by completing the embedded form here, or at this link.

Class quotes will be printed in the Yearbook IF the following conditions are met:

  1. Please check spelling/grammar/punctuation/capitalization before submitting!
  2. If you are QUOTING SOMEONE (like a writer, singer, or historical figure), make SURE you CITE (name) the person you’re quoting!
  3. School appropriate, of course.
  4. Maximum 200 characters.
  5. Due 1/15/16. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Can’t wait to see how you choose to use your words and remember this moment in time!

(Note: You must be logged into your Gmail account to view/submit the form below).

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