Justin St. Pierre – Homegrown Educator

The District published a profile written of lifelong district resident and HeLa’s own hero Justin St. Pierre!

Looking back at specific memories of my youth I can pinpoint occasions that helped direct me and shape who I am as a person and as an educator.

From Harmony Elementary peer mediators teaching me how to calmly handle conflict and guide my peers to an amicable resolution. To my experience with my coaches throughout middle and high school, instilling hard work, dependability, drive, and commitment.

These, and many other, positive experiences I had throughout my time in the Evergreen School District stand out most to me. And it is my hope to leave the students I encounter with the same life-long lessons.

I had many staff members influence me throughout my education. The ones that come to mind immediately are the ones that held me accountable. Challenged me as a learner, and helped me grow and learn about myself as a person.
@ Harmony: Ms. Wendi Silverthorne and Mrs. Sheri Westenbrook

@ Pacific: Mrs. Jenny Bell

@ Shahala: Mr. Kelly Blankenship

@ Mountain View: Mr. Fred Larsen, Mr. Maco Hamilton, and Mr. Charbonneau Gourde

I was, and continue to be a very goal-oriented person. I was a three-sport varsity athlete throughout high school, so a lot of my goals were centered on athletic achievement.

I knew that I not only wanted to excel during games and practices for Mountain View, but that I wanted to play in college. I was fortunate enough to get that opportunity.

In the classroom I was motivated by expectations my family and coaches placed on me. In order to get a car, I had to maintain a 3.0; in order to play my grades had to be acceptable, if I wanted to go to a dance, I couldn’t miss class, etc.

Success is subjective. What one person defines as success can be completely different for another person. Therefore, my advice to students is to look inward and decide how they want to define success. In a world where our students are exposed to so many unrealistic and extravagant lifestyles, success can seem unattainable—especially if we allow our definition of success to be shaped by outward influences.

Define your own success. Work relentlessly towards that goal. Enjoy and learn through the journey.

I am currently in Vancouver. I work at Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School, and hope to be here for a while. I plan on returning to graduate school as soon as I pay off my undergraduate loans, and to then pursue a career as a Dean.

I enjoy the relationships that are cultivated through connecting with students and staff. It helps keep me young!

Joking aside, it is very rewarding to be a part of the growth academically and emotionally of the students I encounter. It is a privilege, and a responsibility I don’t take lightly, to be afforded the opportunity to help guide students through their high school years.

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