McNasty No. 1 | by Abby G.

Image by Faith G.

Dear Ronald McDonald,

You disgust me and my cat was right about you. Your corporation is both nefarious and malevolent. I hope you and your soulless friends die in a hole. How can you be so greedy? It should never be about the money, but about the health of billions.

On the other hand, I should have suspected that business people do not care about jeopardizing the health of billions even if it means committing a multitude of atrocities. The food you lure children with has killed many in the most unfortunate, painful death.

Ronald, you are a clown.  I’ve got one question for you, What about the children?

Written by Abby G. for Mrs. Riley’s English class.
-Images by students from Mr. Emmert’s Photo 1 and Photo AP classes.

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