<4 Minute Film Fest

The principal of Heritage High School (Derek Garrison) and his Freshman son are inviting folks from all around the area to submit entries to a Film Festival.

Register here.


A note from Derek:

If there’s anything you can do to support this I appreciate it on a couple of fronts. One – I think it’s a heckuva good idea and something our community could get into regardless of who puts it on. Two – this is his “passion project” for a thing we’re piloting at Heritage this year called Student Agency Time in which students personalize their own learning around something they’re excited about. In this case, Danny loves acting and film editing.

So, we thank you for anything you can do to get this info (see attachment) into the right hands in your neck of the woods. Actors, filmmakers, funny creative kids, documentarians, etc – we’d love them all to know about this opportunity.

Thanks much,

Derek Garrison
Heritage High School

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