SENIOR ADS due Dec 20

Senior ADS are a great way for families to recognize their Senior!

Space can be purchased in this year’s HeLa Yearbook to commemorate the hard work your son or daughter has put into the last four years.

YOU submit the order form, photos, and information, and WE design an ad for you!

For more examples, see here and here.

You can purchase full, half, quarter, or and eight of a page.

The order form is available here.


Did you, or can you take pictures of the forest fire currently devastating the Columbia Gorge?
Yearbook and Leadership class want to publish your images!

Please submit any photos of the smoke, ash, flames or scenery that you’ve photographed as a result of this historic event.

We want to document this for Yearbook, the website, and use images in a social media and poster awareness campaign.

Please submit all images to this Flickr Group or this Google Drive folder!

YAC ::: Reflection / Dialogue / Action on racial identity

A group is being started by a few students at HeLa, Camas, and Heritage called the Clark County Youth Action Council. This group aims to bring together student social justice leaders and advocates at every school in Clark County in order provide them with the training and network they need to promote productive discussion and action around social justice in their schools.

Our inaugural event will be on June 21st (the day after school gets out) from 10-1 at WSUV.

WSUV diversity director Anthony Kelley will be hosting a workshop on racial identity and discussions around race. Anthony is highly trained in this, as his background is in building post-apartheid unity in South Africa, and increasing diversity in colleges with low diversity. Our group would kindly like to ask you all to share this event with students who are interested in making a change, passionate about social justice, or merely might enjoy learning about racial identity. Additionally, I am organizing a carpool for students who might be limited transportation-wise.

Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew H, Maddie T, Nicole D, or Meah W with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

-Andrew H