First Day at HeLa!

And we’re already featured in The Columbian!

Teacher Jack Thompson goes through the attendance list for freshmen on the first day of school at Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School on Monday morning. This is Thompson’s first year in the classroom. He said he formed bonds with his fellow teachers on the picket lines these past two weeks. Amanda Cowan/The Columbian

Kelsi Young, a 16-year-old junior, announced at 7:50 a.m. that she needed a nap.

“I didn’t think it would start this week, so I stayed up late,” she said.

Jacob Chumbley, who greeted people with the enthusiastic hugs only a 16-year-old can manage before 8 a.m., said he was looking forward to seeing his friends, meeting new teachers and planning a good prom.

Big Al’s Meetup!

Hello HeLa students!

On April 17th, There will be a free bowling night for HeLa students at Big Al’s from 7pm to 10pm (Recommended to show up at 6pm)  . Make sure to bring money for renting shoes and your student ID.

Big Al’s Bowling Night on April 17th FREE for all HeLa students from 7-10pm