Image by Keturah H.

Dear Ronald McDonald,

Hopefully, your business will not prosper in a future world that my kids are born into. The whole “Mc” thing in front of every food item is kinda annoying. I’ll admit, your fries are great…but everything else is McNasty.

I pass by your businesses and I am amazed by how many locations are stacked so closeby each other. I see lots of homeless people in/around the building so I guess you’re good for one thing: Selling cheap calories.

Your food filled my childhood, but when I have kids of my own, you will not get the luxury of tainting their brains with cheap plastic toys and “Happy” meals.

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MCNASTY NO. 3 | by A

Image by Keturah H.

Dear Ronald McDonald,

The fun memories you gave me as a kid were swell, but I was also overweight as a kid.

I very seldom eat at “your place” anymore, and I’ve gotten ride of my double chin now. You made me feel depressed about myself, and as the Journey song goes, “we went our separate ways.” But I know you’ll be fine without me, you have like ten trillion served. Thank you for the twenty extra pounds when I didn’t need them.

Best wishes,
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MCNASTY NO. 2 | by Ian Z.

Image by Jacob B.

Image by Jacob B.

Dear Ronald,

Can I call you Ron? K, thanks. So Ron, why do you hate the human race? I’m just curious to know, I mean that’s the only reason I can think of for knowingly poisoning people. I mean there’s a considerable number of people I don’t like in this world, but you don’t see me on a McMurder spree poisoning everyone that comes to my house.

I wonder if all your victims will come back to haunt you eventually. Just saying- Get your act together.


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McNasty No. 1 | by Abby G.

Image by Faith G.

Dear Ronald McDonald,

You disgust me and my cat was right about you. Your corporation is both nefarious and malevolent. I hope you and your soulless friends die in a hole. How can you be so greedy? It should never be about the money, but about the health of billions.

On the other hand, I should have suspected that business people do not care about jeopardizing the health of billions even if it means committing a multitude of atrocities. The food you lure children with has killed many in the most unfortunate, painful death.

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Police Brutality by Maddie T.

 Not since the scenes of water hoses, dogs, and blatant beatings with billy clubs during the Civil Rights movement has America seen so many unnecessary acts of violence by the police. Police are no longer protecting and serving its citizens, instead they dress as quasi-military personnel and treat citizens as enemies; however, the “enemy” the police have set their sites on people of color. The ¨Black Lives Matter¨ movement is just one way citizens have begun to show their distrust, anger, and frustration with the brutality of the police. The citizens are rioting in cases where brutality has exceeded the standard range of …continue reading

Mac & Chz by Kristina L.

Image by Kolbee MZ

Macaroni and cheese. The symbol of childhood and childlike behavior everywhere in America. People love it, thrive off of it even. Except for me. From a young age I can remember watching commercials on TV of the little boy enjoying his macaroni and cheese and the ooey-gooey-goodness it seemed to encapsulate. All I saw was the cheese I loved on my sandwiches, melted and smothered onto pasta that is perfectly delicious by itself. My child-like mind couldn’t comprehend the monstrosity before me.
As I grew, my parents consistently tried to feed me mac and cheese, claiming I had grown and that my taste buds had changed, yet I still found mac and cheese utterly disgusting.

My dad, a macaroni and cheese aficionado, went through a month-long phase exploring every combination of pasta and cheese he could come up with. He even went so far as to mix in tuna fish.

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