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Madelyn H ::: AP Photo Portfolio

EVERY SINGLE 2018 HeLa Photo AP student passed the College Board exam and received college credit!

Enjoy some selected images from Maddie’s AP Portfolio submission:

“Quality” ::: best photos of the year

Concentration ::: Man in a Box


The idea surrounding my Concentration is a man under a box. While it’s a simple concept, I feel that I developed the character throughout my twelve images. I drew inspiration from Dadaism, which is about breaking the rules of what art is and how it’s expressed. I also drew inspiration from photographer Alex Currie. I love the idea of using something as plain as a box to hold an entire series of images together conceptually.

Project Explanation:

I originally started this series when exploring new photography styles, I wanted to explore Alex Currie’s unique photography style because I was drawn to his portfolio’s variety and how mysterious it feels. An image of a man with a box over his head caught my eye when I was exploring some of his work, and this idea really inspired me to start my own series of men obscured by boxes. These twelve images fit my vision because they are the idea of interesting characters without an identity. The box shares similarities to a mask in the sense that it makes my character anonymous and leaves one wondering who is behind the box. It was important to me going into this series making sure that they didn’t become repetitive, so, for example image 1 is different than image 11. They are shot from different angles and some images have emphasis on the character while others are more hidden. But, in the end they are all united by the box.

Ruben M ::: AP Photo Portfolio

EVERY SINGLE 2018 HeLa Photo AP student passed the College Board exam and received college credit!

Enjoy some selected images from Ruben’s AP Portfolio submission:

“Quality” ::: best photos of the year

Concentration ::: LINES of ASYMMETRY


My Concentration will use the basic concept of lines in nature that can create harmony and unity, through asymmetry. Lines are ubiquitous and do not lack in any aspect of life, seeing as lines are everywhere we go, especially in photography. I want to use asymmetry to unify the lines in my images. Together these two concepts can form a middle ground, where a recurrent visual aspect is made beautiful through asymmetry. My goal is to create photographic balance by utilizing lines in nature.

Project Explanation:

My style is not trying to take basic photographs *of* lines, but instead, trying to *use* pre-existing lines as asymmetrically as possible. Lines, in their pure form, do not give the photograph any togetherness; which is why I incorporated asymmetry into the style to unite the images. Image 9 represents my idea of unity. As the lines weave in and out, it creates contrast with the grass that persuades the viewer to follow the line from light to light until they have traveled through the image. The photograph is also unified by the asymmetry seen with the centering of the images and contrast created by the grass and concrete lines. These lines bring the entire photograph together in unity because of how center line creates balance between the details in the left side and the negative space on right side. My point is also demonstrated in image 8 with the bird on the fence. I feel that this photo really displays my message of asymmetry really well. The “z” make by the lines in the photograph is almost perfectly symmetrical, the lines used to create this “z” are influential enough to block out most of the messy background while giving balance to the bird situated in the dead center of “z”.

SENIOR ADS due Dec 21

Senior ADS are a great way for families to recognize their Senior!

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