Catie J: AP Photo Portfolio

Catie J. is a HeLa Sophomore in AP Photo.
AP Photo students submit 3 different sections of a portfolio:

“Quality” = 5 best photos of the year

“Breadth” = Variety

“Concentration” = Series

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Concentration Statement

Concentration Explanation

All of the pictures in this concentration were taken in the Pacific Northwest. The idea of this concentration began with something I call the “color palette” technique. I took pictures for this concentration knowing that I would use the technique, but I wasn’t sure how I would connect a theme with this technique at first. Originally, I had decided to show how the colors of a city can represent its culture and I only used vibrant, colorful pictures like image #11. As time went on and the seasons changed, I noticed that something else was changing. The people around me were changing. The culture I take part in was changing. My photography was changing. I noticed that my photography had started getting much darker in theme and in technique. This made me realize that my concentration had been missing something. So far, I had only been showing a small part of the culture of the Pacific Northwest. I made the decision to include the darker side of this culture in my concentration, like in image #8. I finally decided that I would use the “color palette” technique to show the colors of a culture and how they can change with the seasons and affect the people in it.

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