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Yes, we all have heard how to summon the “ghost” of Bloody Mary. But do we know the story behind the legend that is still ever so famous? In various of stories Bloody Mary is known for different names, such as “Hell Mary,” “Mary Worth”, “Mary Whales”, “Agnes”, “Black Agnes”, etc. With these variations of her name, there are variation of chants people would say somewhere between 3 to 100 times. “I stole/killed your baby, Bloody Mary”, “I believe in Mary worth”, “Bloody Mary”. They would chant one of these with one lighted candle in a dark space with a mirror in front of them.

Once they finish this ritual of summoning the ghost of Bloody Mary, they would supposedly see her in the mirror with blood dripping out of the mirror itself.

Now, for the story behind such legend. Mary Worthington was 19 years old and lived by herself in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She had won a few local beauty contests, and have always dreamt of leaving Indiana and becoming a famous actress. She always loved her beauty and saw the beauty in everything and everyone—Even though she was always receiving disapproving looks, for she was unmarried and pregnant. Being that young, pregnant, AND living by herself was hard labor but she never cared about what others thought. The father was never disclosed, but she loved the unborn child more than she loved her beauty. She always looked at the old mirror that her great grandmother gave her and admired her face, then she would look down on her belly and say ¨You will be a wonderful child. I just know it.¨

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In spite of the fact that she had a wonderful life that she dearly loved, one fateful night while she was cleaning up after dinner, a man broke into her house and she screamed hoping someone could come save her—but no one came. Mary was brutally murdered with her eyes gouged out. Her unborn child died in her womb.

But in her final moments she tried to write the murderer’s name on her great grandmother’s mirror with her own blood.

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She could only spell T-R-E. She was found curled up like she was trying protect her unborn child. The police suspected a local surgeon named Trevor Sampson to be the murderer and the father of the unborn baby, but it was never proved and Mary’s case went unsolved.

Such a loving young girl became such a deadly vengeful spirit. She could only be summoned, when kids (and only kids) did the ritual. Mary haunts her old mirror and kills anyone in the house where the ritual took place, who holds secrets about unsolved murders and gouges out the summoner’s eyes no matter who they were or what position they were in the victim’s case.

She kills them not only because she is angry at the person who took her and her baby’s life away, but at the fact that they get away with such crimes and live on living free.

Image by Saira P.

The only reason why she is only summoned when children do the ritual, is because she thinks that the children are in danger and they are calling for help. She feels obligated to protect them since she couldn’t help her child. But there is a twist in how the ritual is done.

If a child were to say “Bloody Mary”, or “Mary worth”, etc. any names along those lines the child would be safe, but if they dare say “I stole / killed your baby, Bloody Mary” everyone in the house, whether they were hiding secrets about an unsolved murder or not, they would be killed by the ghost of Bloody Mary the way how their victim was…sadly even the children. When children say “I stole/ killed your baby, Bloody Mary,” Mary can’t think clearly. When she is summoned in that particular way she doesn’t see children, she sees the face of her murderer.

-Story by Kim D. for Mrs. Riley’s Freshman English class.
-Images by students from Mr. Emmert’s Photo 1 and Photo AP classes.

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