HeLa Horror No. 1 ::: The Ancient Curse

Image by Ashleigh L.

Stacey and I have been looking forward to the annual county fair since June. Everyone from school was going to be there. Nothing was going to stop me from getting the perfect moment on top of the ferris wheel with Terrance, the cutest boy in school. We were getting a ride from Josh, who pulls up to the house in his matte black jeep.  Stacy and I get in the car and we’re super excited for the best night of our lives.

We arrive at the fair and meet up with our other friends. The photobooth was the first thing on our list of things we wanted to do.   After the pictures, Stacy spots a dirty little tent with flickering neon lights that say “Fortune Teller.”  Tonight was all about memories so I grabbed Stacy’s hand and dragged her from the rest of the group over to the booth. It was a little purple tent, with very weird designs on it that I’ve never seen before. I entered the tent, and I saw a old lady inside. She was wearing a long robe and she had a very welcoming smile.

“Oh, hello dear. I’ve been expecting you. Come sit at the crystal ball, no cost.”

“Oh thank you,” I said, happy to get something for free.
“Hurry Hannah put your hands on the crystal ball!” said the fortune teller.
“How do you know my name?” I asked.
“I heard you and your friend talking.” she said.  “Now hurry put your hands on the ball.”

Image by Cameron H.

I sat down in the chair, while Stacy stand behind me. I put my hands on the ball. The lady looks into the ball and stays quiet for a couple minutes.

She places her cold hands over mine and looks deeply into my eyes and suddenly she puts her hands around my neck and starts choking me yelling crazily.

Most of it I couldn’t understand, but I heard her scream that I would bring doom to this earth. Stacy pushes her away while as I fall backwards out of her grip.  As I fell, I grabbed her necklace, and it was still in my hands as we booked it out of the tent.

Stacy and I made it to the bus stop just in time to catch the last bus of the night. It wasn’t long before we came to an abrupt stop. Over the intercom the driver said that something was wrong with the engine and he was going to take a look. He assured us that that we will get to our destination soon. Stacy and I were playing on our phones and all of a sudden we heard a scream from outside the bus and then it was silent. The bus started to rock back and forth and then stopped. Whatever was outside was now attempting to get into the bus Stacy and I, along with all the other passengers, were now jumping out of the emergency exit running and screaming. We heard screaming behind us as we ran the to the gas station. The man behind the counter began to greet us and welcome us but before he could finish the something smashed through the glass then Stacy grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bathroom, but not before I caught a glimpse of the tall cold-blooded, black creature.

I quickly lock the door and we listen to what was happening outside.

We heard a blood-curdling scream which was then silenced of the sound of snapping bones. Stacy screamed and fell into the corner of the room, I tried to keep her quiet so that the creature wouldn’t find us but it was too late. There was a loud bang on the door followed by cracking of the door.

Image by Ashleigh L.

There we were , face to face with what looked to be like a wolf like figure. It growled at us and started to lunge.  We barely dodged the attack.  The creature crashed into the mirror which then shattered onto the floor. I quickly grabbed a piece and stabbed the monster while it howled. I repeatedly stabbed it up and down its back until it’s loud howl turned into a faint whimper and then it was silent.

Tears running down our faces, not understanding what just happened, we limp out of the store into the parking lot where we are met by five cop cars where we were taken to the police station where we were asked what happened. I handed over the necklace and Stacy and I told the story to the police over and over for what seemed like hours, until we were  finally driven home.

A week later I read in the paper that the police station  had burned down after an attack of some unidentified creature.


-Story by Zoe, Cole, Clarisa, and Kat for Mrs. Riley’s Freshman English class.
-Images by students from Mr. Emmert’s Photo 1 and Photo AP classes.

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