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We will soon be offering BANNER and SIDEBAR advertising opportunities to those that would like to grow their business!

Stay tuned (or use the CONTACT form) to learn about advertising.


Exclusive ::: A business can be the exclusive advertiser in our banner or sidebar ads for any given month, or get a 10% discount for being the exclusive advertiser for the entire year.  Plus, we treat the months of June, July and August 2011 as a single month—so that’s a 10% discount plus 3 free months for being an annual exclusive advertiser!

Shared ::: For a more affordable option, an advertiser can elect to put their ad into a rotation with others.  HOWL will never schedule more that three ads for any one location.  Depending upon the number of ads scheduled for a single location, different users will see different ads.  Refreshing the page or clicking to a new page also will serve up a different ad if there’s one scheduled for that spot.

Estimated 2014-15 Rates:

Top Banner Ad (exclusive) ::: $350/month or $2835/year
Top Banner Ad (shared) ::: $150/month
Sidebar Ad (exclusive) :::  $150/month or $1215/year
Sidebar Ad (shared) :::  $75/month

Top Banner Ad: Up to 300 pixels (width) X  H 200 pixels (height)
Right Sidebar Ad: Up to 160 pixels (width) X H 110 pixels (height)

Submit your own OR contact us to take advantage of our killer design staff!

Contact / Info
To purchase your ad or get info, please use the contact form below.
We can also arrange for HeLaCELL staff phone call or meeting.